Lokole is our custom device to bring affordable emails to rural communities

Like the UN Sustainable Development Goals 9: industry, innovation and infrastructures, we believe that emails can speed up the process of local development by improving education, health services and economic opportunities

Photo of Nzola

Hi, I’m Nzola Swasisa but please call me Nzola. I was born and raised in the DRC and in 2010 I founded Ascoderu: our canadian-congolese NGO. Click to read more.

Between 2013-15 I went to Kinshasa in order to test REC (Remote Email Center) and the proof-of-concept led to Lokole. Click to read more.

Lokole is our custom software-and-hardware device built in early 2017. Lokole is so tiny measuring just about 7x5cm. Lokole is such a simple plug-and-play device that makes emails accessible to everyone. Lokole creates a 25m radius WiFi network to access the Lokole app. Lokole WiFi and app work under cellular coverage to minimize bandwidth costs. Lokole is named after a traditional congolese long-distance ceremonial slim drum instrument. Lokole is ready to change the life of many by bringing affordable emails to the unconnected!
Approx Lokole price
Item USD
OrangePi $16
E3131 modem $24
SD card 16GB $12
Local SIM card $1
Unit initial cost $53
Image of a Lokole device
Approx upgrades price
Item USD
Battery $24
Extend storage to 64 GB $20
RasberryPi to improve performace $35
Outernet integration $118
Total upgrades cost $197

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Portrait of Nzola Swasisa
Nzola Swasisa, Founder & CEO
I speak English, French, Portuguese, Lingala & Kikongo
Portrait of Clemens Wolff
Clemens Wolff, Technical Advisor
I speak English, German, French & Spanish
Portrait of Laura Barluzzi
Laura Barluzzi, Web Developer
I speak English, Italian & Spanish
Portrait of Ascoderu team